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Through the lens of a quirky Canadian photographer Corina Harris’ lens.

Perseverance on the Bruce Peninsula

During our summer vacation to the Bruce Peninsula one word kept coming to mind.


Every where you look on the Bruce Peninsula you see rock. Big solid boulders line the shores and the highway and yet the area has lots of lush trees and undergrowth. How can the plants survive?

These plants, some delicate flowers, some hardy evergreen trees, will latch onto the smallest crevice in the rock, the smallest patch of moss. They will grow and flourish and beat the odds. They have persevered against the elements.

I title the following images as the Perseverance Collection. 

Grasses, Bruce Peninsula, Perseverance
These grasses were starting to sprout from this rock in the Bruce Peninsula National Park.
, Perseverance, green plant, Bruce Peninsula
This tiny plant was just starting to come out from this rare black rock on a beach of white stones.
Flowers, rock beach, Bruce Peninsula National Park
These small pink flowers on a burgandy base were found on a rocky beach within Bruce Peninsula National Park
Flowerpot Island, plants, sea stacks, Bruce Peninsula
The plants growing on the seastacks on Flowerpot Island are perfect examples of perseverance.
Columbine, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Flower
This Columbine was growing out of a rocky path in Bruce Peninsula National Park. We did our best to not disturb it’s delicate balance as we passed by.
Crevice, Grass, Bruce Peninsula National Park
Grasses growing through a crevice
Green plants, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Perseverance
Growing from a crevice close to the waters edge, these green plants have persevered.
Bruce Peninsula, Rock, Ecosystem, Plants
This large boulder located inside the Bruce Peninsula National Park has it’s own ecosystem on top. Mosses, grasses, ferns and cedars grow despite being elevated on a rock 4ft off the ground.
yellow flowers, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Perseverance
These Lakeside Daisies were growing only a few metres from Georgian Bay within Bruce Peninsula National Park