It’s finally here! The 1921 Census

The day has finally arrived!

Follow the Link to start searching the 1921 Canadian Census

The 1921 Canadian census has become available on Ancestry in all it’s indexed glory. I’ve been waiting for this day since they first released the census. I had searched through 5 different sections for South Waterloo, Ontario in search of my grandmother until I finally gave up. What was a few weeks when there was warm weather outside? It was nothing in the grand scheme of life.

Today I logged onto the computer and found a post on facebook from the Ancestry team indicating that the census was finally available. It was all I could do to not run into my office and get searching. I calmly sat through dinner with my husband, or at least I wanted it to look that way. Inside I was a bundle of nervous excitement. Lucky for me, my husband was incredibly understanding because as soon as the last bite on my plate went into my throat I took off like a jack rabbit.

Within minutes I found my great grandmother, great grandfather, grandmother and a few of her siblings in “Beaverdale Village.” I’m sure the cheering could be heard across my town as I know I was whooping it up at how exciting this was.

My grandmother was born after the last census, so this was my first opportunity to see where she came from. What I find so fascinating is that Beaverdale Village does not exist today and now I’m on the hunt to track down where it was. I know it was part of “South Waterloo” which pretty much encompasses the current Cambridge, Ontario city limits. Having lived in Cambridge for most of my life, I know of Beaverdale Road and that there are houses there but I have no idea if this would be where the village would be.

My great-grandfather William Porter was a carpenter, information that I was not aware of. I had known that he fought in the first world war, but his attestation papers didn’t reveal an incredible amount. The house he lived in was in Galt near the train station at the time of the war, but by 1921 he and his family were in Beaverdale Village. Oh yes, more research will be needed here.

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