Questionable Misener Family History in the 1700s

I’ve been recently researching into one of my Misener ancestors who was born in Germany back in the 1700s but ended up in America and died here.

My initial thought for this ancestor was they came to escape religious persecution, much like the Pilgrim’s had done.

Therefore, it wasn’t a huge stretch when one of my sources hinted at my ancestor being a Huguenot, escaping persecution for not following the Roman Catholic ways.

I do know some of the family ended involved with the Quakers from some monthly meetings. Is it possible this could’ve been the reasoning?

A new carrot was dangled in front of me however. Is it possible my ancestor was a Hessian soldier?

From my very basic research I discovered that England had hired Hessian soldiers from Germany to fight the Americans in their quest for Independence. The soldiers services were sold by their regional prince and many if them ended up being convinced to stay in America rather than continue to fight.

Could this be what happened?

I do know the entire family has a near mass exodus out of the US into Canada in the years leading up to the War of 1812.

My research has shown that many Quakers did leave due to trying to avoid violence.

I have also found that many people immigrated to Canada due to the double taxation and lack of organization in the colonies.

Further still, some remained loyal to the empire and moved back to save from persecution.

It’s so hard to tell why they travelled but we do know a large amount of them ended up here in Ontario and never left.

So much confusion. So many options. So many family history questions needing to be answered.

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