To DNA or not to DNA?

It’s finally happened! has finally opened up AncestryDNA to Canadians.

I’ve been really excited to have this happen because I’ve always been curious about my roots. I’ve been sending tweets and messages to the Ancestry team through instagram asking when it was coming and I’m so happy to hear that the day has come.

But now I have a dilemma. Do I want to do it?

Now that I’m going to be a mother, I worry about my personal data getting out into the world and my DNA is a really big thing. That is what makes me uniquely me and is made up of all these parts that come from all of my past ancestors.

Having been on the ancestry website for a few years now, I know that the more information you are willing to share, the more you get in return. Could the DNA really help me break down some barriers and allow me to know who I really am and where I come from?

Initially when I first started looking at taking the test, I wanted to have a double whammy done. I wanted to take the test and have my husband take the test. I’ve hit more brick walls on his side of the family tree than anything and I’d love to be able to know where he truly comes from. Wouldn’t that knowledge be fantastic to pass down to our child?

Another item is holding me back. The cost.

I’ve seen on many websites that ancestryDNA in the US is $99. In Canada they’ve upped the ante and it’s $149! That’s a huge dent in my pocket book when I’m trying to save for a maternity leave.

And so I sit and ponder, do I take the test or hold off?

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