Using DNA to Talk to Ancestors

My husband James Harris and my daughter Adelaide on the day she came home from the hospital
My husband James and daughter Adelaide headed home from the hospital. Finding out his DNA profile will help give her a better picture of her ancestors.

One of my biggest regrets when I was younger was that I never really took the time to sit down with my grandparents and really listen. They were more than willing to talk about where they came from and where their parents came from. They could have talked for days. They had stories to tell and at the time I didn’t have the intelligence to listen.

I didn’t realize a day would come where I wouldn’t be able to ask those questions.

I don’t want my daughter to have to question it. I want her to know where her ancestors came from.

I wrote last week about how I had my DNA analyzed by AncestryDNA and some of the findings. What I failed to mention was that I also want to have my husband’s DNA analyzed. Lucky for me, he agreed. The DNA has been received in Ireland and in a few short weeks we hope to have some answers.

My husband’s family is fairly small and a little difficult to trace compared to mine. I find I come out with more questions than answers when trying to trace his roots. I am hopeful his ethnicity estimate and matches help unlock some keys to his heritage.

Isn’t it amazing that we can find answers about our heritage with technology?

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