Welcome Adelaide Elizabeth Harris to the Family Tree!

Corina and Adelaide Harris having a snuggle before bedtime in August 2015.
Corina and Adelaide Harris having a snuggle before bedtime in August 2015.

My life story has changed since my last post.

I became a mother.


On July 31st I gave birth to a little girl named Adelaide Elizabeth Harris. She weighed 7lbs 2oz and has spikey blonde hair and blue eyes and I love her more than I ever imagined I could love another human being.

The story of her delivery in a nutshell: long, arduous and complicated. While pregnant my plan was always to have no birth plan. That worked out for the better after the 23 hours I was in labour! (I really do have something to hold over her head when she’s sassing me as a teenager!)

Adelaide Elizabeth Harris, cheeks
Adelaide’s cheeks just begging to be kissed

A bright light in my life has been seeing my husband with my daughter. From the minute she was born it has really reinforced how much I love this man. He is so gentle and caring with her and he has been taking such good care of both of us. I never honestly thought I could love him more than I already did but I truly do. (Mushy, I know.)

I am the only one in my family not born with blue eyes. My eyes are green on both sides, with one eye having a blue/grey half and the other having a brown half. Both eyes have a yellow ring around the pupil. My daughters eyes are a dark blue with a greyish hint but the grey is slowly going away as she gets older. My husband’s eyes are a hazel/green colour. She definitely does not have the same eye colour as either of us.

My daughter is pretty tall and everyone keeps marvelling at how long and skinny her legs are. She gets this feature from her father’s side of the family. She might outgrow me by the time she’s 8 years old at this rate!

Adelaide Elizabeth Harris, Harris Family, Hospital picture
Adelaide’s first smile, in the hospital the at less than 24 hours old

She has an adorable smile, which we have seen sporadically, mostly when she is milk drunk or sleeping. I can happily say that I have seen many more smiles than my husband as he tends to only get the angry getting dressed or diaper change faces.

Her nose appears to be like mine even though it might be too soon to tell and her lips are full like mine. Nearly all of her other features remind me of my husband and I love every one of them.

Every day that goes by I look at her and marvel at the fact that I made this wonderful being. She grew inside me, has been loved and nurtured by me and is such a huge part of who I am now. I am a mother. It’s an amazing thing.

Adelaide Elizabeth Harris, feet, baby toes, blue eyes, spiky hair, blonde, ears, fingers
A close up look at some of Adelaide’s features

While I was pregnant, I couldn’t focus on anything for very long. My family history work slowed down near to a halt. I couldn’t focus long enough to read a book let alone look through records. Now that she’s been born I have finished 4 paperback novels and have added a bunch of records to my family tree for my 4x great grandmother Elizabeth Eades. [Me > My dad > Albert Hill (Paternal grandfather) > Charles Hill (Great-Grandfather) > George Hill (2x Great-Grandfather) > Emma Harding (3x Great-Grandmother) > Elizabeth Eades (4x Great-Grandmother). ]

It seems that in all the times that my daughter is eating, my brain has woken up and I want to do things. Oh sure I sit and stare at all her gorgeous little features, but I also want to read books, learn things, write emails and have adult conversations. It’s amazing how that works.

Adelaide Elizabeth Harris, wide awake, blue eyes
Adelaide is awake and ready to play

I’m still in awe that I was able to bring a life into this world. And I know this post isn’t the most creative or inspiring but I really felt that I needed to share my daughter with the world and let my readers know what I’ve been up to.

This parenting thing is new and I hope I can be good at it. I’ve been blessed with a beautiful little girl who sleeps well and is growing day by day. She looks to me for comfort and yes, food. But I am her Mommy, her champion, her support. I really hope I don’t break her and that I can be half the Mom, my mother was when I was little. My mom was the best and my daughter deserves my best.

Welcome to the world Adelaide Elizabeth Harris!

Lots of Love from,

Your Mommy

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