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So it’s been one week since I got the swift kick in the ass and I must say, I’m feeling pretty good about my weight loss project. I’m calling it a project, but in reality it’s a life change. And boy, has my life changed.

Signing up for The Daily Plate by Livestrong has been great to help keep me on track for my calorie consumption. I really hope that I can keep with it so that I’m aware of what I’m taking in (like that really large dinner we had out last weekend, Eeek!). Every single day, I’ve been under my calorie count. It has been a little hard some days and those days I’ve had to work out.

Yes, me. I’ve been working out.

As I mentioned in my post last week I used to be quite the athlete. Learned to skate at 4 years old, played ringette for 10 years, hockey for 4 years after that. I played baseball in the summer and tried nearly every other sport – including archery, curling and tennis. I like to be active, but for a long time I put a lot of barriers in my way. I excelled at team sports and always did better when my team was counting on me. This whole going on my own isn’t as easy as you’d think.

But I have a partner.

My husband.

My sweet, caring encouraging husband has been in my corner every single day. He picked up a kinect for our xbox and some games from kijiji. Tonight we played zumba and some dancing games for over an hour. We worked up a really good sweat and it felt really good. On the weekend we went to the gym together and worked out and he’s been there for everything with me. Unlike before, he’s encouraging and happy. He wants this too.

I think that’s what makes me the most nervous about tomorrow. My first weigh in since I got back on the train and decided to keep going. The first 11 lbs I lost I was on my own. I really look forward to losing the next 19 with my husband there beside me. Tomorrow will be the first of many times I step on that scale. No matter what it says, I’m going to keep doing it. Keep pushing. Keep going until I reach my goal.

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  1. You can do it! Cut back on the salt and gluten if you can, especially breadrpr. My mom eliminated salt, altogether, and she’s a changed woman. Replacing treats that you are used to with treats that are very low in fat/calories will help with the cravings.

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