My day at the Psychic Expo

Went to the Psychic Expo at Bingemans in Kitchener yesterday with two special ladies in my life, my bestie Leanne and her friend Holly (who is my friend too but I know her through Leanne).

This wasn’t my first expo, but it was my first at Bingemans. Prices have gone up quite a bit since I was at one about 10 years ago with my other bestie Devon and our friend Neil. Anyhow, I knew from experience that there are lots of psychics, mediums, tarot readers, palm readers and lots of prices and experiences being offered. What was nice about this expo was that they had them all set up around the outside of the room, and the inside had books, tarot decks, crystals, jewlery, and other little things that were for sale. We got in and wandered the entire room and tried to determine what we’d like to do.

I had warned the girls in advance that it wasn’t going to be cheap if you wanted a really through experience. After going around, we found that $75 is the going rate for nearly everything. Many of the people at the show were actually fully booked for every time slot. It didn’t really matter to us however.

I’m big on the vibe I get off people. There is something to be said for being comfortable with the people you are working with. When we did our first pass through, I didn’t even think that I was going to get anything, let alone a reading. Holly and Leanne agreed that the very first table we went to felt like the most thorough and the best choice. His name was Tony, he was directly to the right of the main doors and he wasn’t that busy. Surprising considering all that the did for people in his reading. He did a facial reading, palm reading, he would tell you about four people in your life, did a touch of numerology with your birthday and generally was pretty good. He didn’t stay on any subject too long, but you were able to get a cd of your reading (minus a few parts). His wife was working the table and all of us got good vibes but I just wasn’t sure I needed a full reading.

As I may have mentioned, I had a pretty good tarot reading in December. My other bestie Kristina hosted a tarot party day at her house where there were readings every half hour. I came out feeling better about what direction I needed to take. It actually helped inspire me to sign up for the course I’m starting Friday and to get my own office.

Back to the show, after deliberating, Holly booked her session and we had some time to wander around. On this pass, we ended up talking to some of the booths that were really busy when we went by and we got talking to a visual psychic. I got a warm and fuzzy feeling from them. We shared some laughs and I really liked the idea of getting a piece of art that is unique to me. Plus, at $65 I was saving a bit of money in the process.

I know what some people will say, psychics are crazy and the people that pay money for them are even worse. I don’t agree with that. I think if you are open to it, things can come through. Some people, I don’t trust but much of my experience has been very accurate. I’ve been guided in directions that I’ve needed to go and I’ve also been told some things that are very hard to hear. Yet this weekend when we were at the expo I was really looking for something light and easy and fun. I wanted to have fun with it. I wasn’t on the quest for answers and the booth I chose was really worth it.

After getting some cash and booking a time I was able to sit with Beverly and have a Mystical Art Reading. She sat me down, we meditated together, she didn’t ask me very many questions but got me to be calm, relaxed and asked me to silently ask for my spirit guides to be there with me and to help me with this process. It was hard because I found myself getting distracted by the voices around me, but I called to them in my mind. I think going in with an open mind, I really didn’t know what to expect. However when the time came to reveal the painting, the first thing I saw was the two doves on top – an affirmation to me that my mother and grandmother came through and that this was a really good experience.

I didn’t feel sadness. I only felt light and happy. Beverly kept telling me that I had good energy and even her husband was impressed by how clear the images were in my painting. Many animals came through – several bears, two moose, the two doves. I had a hindu goddess and a couple angels. It was fascinating to see them and it was amazing to see how much came through when you really looked at it.

The animals came as an indication of spirit guides. Native Americans have talked about the spirit guides for many generations, finding them in the stars, and in the flames. They viewed the spirit guides as an indication of where you are and what you need to do to move forward. Beverly and John had books about the guides and what they meant and it was interesting to see that they were more of an affirmation of where I am in my life and where I need to go to move forward.

Oh sure, some of the figures and animals that Beverly saw didn’t really show themselves to me, and sure I thought some of it was a little out there as a vision in the paint, but for the most part they were very clear. Leanne saw an elephant in my painting. It was so clear to her that she was amazed that both Beverly and I couldn’t immediately see it.

It was fascinating, and I’m going to wait to let the paint dry completely before framing. I’ll include a picture when I get a chance but for the meantime – here is a video from another show that pretty much explains everything. To find out more, visit Beverly’s website:


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