No More Mrs. Nice Gal

Most of the time, I am Mrs. Nice Gal. I treat everyone with respect, I hide when I feel that I’ve been slighted and I don’t try to rock the boat.

Not today.

My negative, swearing, take no shit from anyone attitude has come out just in time for the holidays.

All started when my tire blew on the way home from work yesterday. Shitty enough, but was able to call CAA and get them to come. Sadly, due to the freezing temperatures and the sheer number of car accidents, it was going to be up to a two hour wait. They came, they tried to take the tire off. Oh wait, what’s that? They can’t because the dealership stripped the locking mechanism LAST FUCKING WEEK when we had the tires rotated? How can they do that and not say anything?

it was bad enough that as we drive off the lot my husband noticed my headlight was out, but for them to have stripped the lock too – I was not impressed. I had to wait for a tow truck. I at least could turn the heat on every once in awhile. I tried to do it discreetly since they have instituted the no idling law. I figured the cop would understand if he came by. It was winter and I truly was a damsel in distress.

The whole time sitting there waiting for nearly the full 2 hours to get on the road, I was able to stew in my anger and disbelieve. The colder I got, the more angry I got. And the angrier I got, the more it spilled over into other areas of my life.

I’ve sat and watched people walk all over me and say snarky comments and let them slide. Maybe I was reading into it, I kept telling myself.

Well last night and today – I decided I wasn’t going to let that happen anymore. I’m not going to be walked on.

If I don’t like what you are doing, I’m going to tell you. I might swear at you and I may call you names, but I need to tell you. Would you rather I bottle it up and blow, which I am gearing for as soon as I walk into the dealership to get my car. The time for calm rationalization is over. You are not going to walk all over me.

Basically, I’m writing this post to give you fair warning. I’m through with being nice. I want justice and I want whats right.

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