Reading in the Digital Age

I’ve gone and done it – I’ve discovered reading books on my ipad and I really like it.

At first – I resisted. I love looking at book covers and having it in my hand any time/any where. I could slip it in my purse. I was a book junkie. Love the smell of the pages, and the joy of seeing what’s inside – each one like a present. I love getting lost in a story and reading to my hearts content. Thus why I read so many books last year (see my post outlining how instead of reading 26 books in 2011, I read 41 by clicking here.) Every single one of the books I read in 2011 were in the paperback or hard cover variety – with many being hard covers that I picked up at rock bottom prices from Millpond Record and Books in Hespeler. I also got a bunch at one of the many Library Branches of the Cambridge Public Library.

Sidenote: I freaking love the library. Like, really love it. And I love that there are so many branches in Cambridge that each have their own unique character. I tried out every single one and I love that I could borrow a book at the Queen Street Branch and return it in Clemens Mill. Get a book in Preston and return it to Hespeler. They never even batted an eye at me and I have to thank whoever or whatever it was that inspired me to get my butt back to the library. It truly is an awesome experience.

Anyhow let’s get back to the iPad.

My hubby won an iPad before they had even come out in Canada that was custom painted by the contest organizers. Since he won a Blackberry Playbook a few months ago, which just didn’t jive with our (nearly) all Apple, all the time, household. He sold the playbook, flipped a few iPhones and soon had enough cash to buy himself a (semi) new iPad. Rather than sell the old one, I batted my pretty little eyelashes and asked if I could have it. As I’m the one who’s never asked for a piece of technology unless I really really needed it, he was willing to give in. I mean, the iPad was free in the first place so it really should be a no brainer right?

In the beginning of the iPad’s life in our house, it was a strictly hubby toy. I was afraid of it for some insane reason. He used it to watch video, surf the web, listen to music, and then he read a book. A big book. The Steve Jobs book. Oh yes. That’s one massive book. I couldn’t even fathom reading it in hardcover or paperback, but somehow reading it on one of Steve Job’s babies was fitting. My hubby told me how much easier it was and told me that I should try it. I resisted. I’m old school. I love books, in particular bargain books, so why would I want to read any online?

Enter my new coworker Julie. She reads books on her Kobo all the time that she downloads from the library or forks over some measly amount and buys from iTunes. She freaking loves the thing and constantly has it with her. I start to covet her Kobo and wanted one for my very own.

Reenter my husband. I tell him that I want a Kobo and he looks at me like I have two heads and says “Why don’t you just use the iPad?” Somehow my thick skull never equated that I could read books that I would enjoy on the iPad. I thought I needed a Kobo or a kindle. I had no clue the iPad would have something for me? (Have I mentioned how much of an idiot I can be sometimes???)

So yeah, the seed was sown. And a few weeks went by. I finished up my group grief counselling and thought “I really should start reading again.” Feeling lazy and industrious at the same time, I decided to check out the library website to see what books they have and if I could get any of them. I did this all by my lonesome – didn’t even ask the hubby. They couldn’t have made it any easier. After logging in with my library card, they tell me that I need a certain reader depending on my device along with an adobe ID. The adobe ID allows me to share the book on several devices as long as I have the software. No brainer. I did it. I found some books and was off to the races reading in no time.

Within 24 hours I had accidentally downloaded one audio book and read two full enovels. I still love books, but I love the freedom this allows. Hopefully this helps me fully blow away the #26in2012 challenge that I’ve set for myself. (See progress on the sidebar.)

It seems that I have finally entered the digital age.

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