Superstar in the Family

My nephew Brayden Hill is a superstar.

He was born to be outstanding in one major way – football.

At the age of 2 he threw a ball and hit someone between the eyes. At three he threw a remote control so hard that he broke an entire plate glass window at the front of his parents house. He was hitting tackling dummies as he learned to walk and was learning plays and cheering for teams before he could even form words.

He was born to live and breathe football – and as yet has not been able to play in a league where his talents can truly be released.

This year, he’s been selected for the Cambridge Varsity Lions. This means he gets to ride busses to away games and the finals for his league are at the Rogers Centre – the Home of the Argonauts in Toronto. Brayden is a quarterback, but has been known to play his hand in all sorts of different positions. He has an incredible accuracy with the ball and can read the field incredibly well.

Last week, he was selected as the offensive player of the week for the entire league. With the number of players in the league this is a HUGE accomplishment. I am so proud to say that there is a superstar in my family.

Watch this video that shows Brayden (quarterback) throwing the ball to his best friend Georgie for an incredible touch down.

Congratulations Brayden on your award!

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