The Great Debate

My husband and I have had an argument since the beginning of time (okay since we bought this house) about what I deem as curb appeal and he deems as unnecessary.

I’m talking about a walk way people.

We live in a townhouse where yard space is at a premium AND where parking is at a shortage. We essentially have enough space for two cars and for people to walk up the middle of them. Getting out of my car means that I have to step on the lawn and walk to the house this way. In fact, most people when coming to our house cut across the lawn because it’s easier.

This is my argument to my husband. One he feels is null and void.

When we bought this house we had two thoughts:

  1. This house would be a short term property until we had at least one kid. Probably for about 5 years.
  2. Oh my god this move was insane. We are never moving again for a really long time.
I seem to remember number two very well. He seems to have recently become stuck on number one. I can’t blame him really. With me having taken over the spare room as an office, our house doesn’t have the same space as it one time did. Sure we still have a futon in here, but it’s not at all workable should god grace us with a child (or two as the case may be in my family genes). If a bambina (or two – did I mention twins run in my family?) enters into our lives, I’d lose my space and then we’d have to rejigger things to make things work because let’s face it – now that I have space of my own – I’m not going to be so quick to give up on it.
Now that I’ve said that, I do know that things dont’ seem to be happening in that department and I really want to focus on things that I can control. Such as – the curb appeal of our house.
I want people to enjoy coming to our house. I want people to look at our house and say “Oh look at how nice that house looks” and “Oh how different!” Our entire street is made up of groups of 4 row houses connected at a garage. Parking is at a premium and there aren’t too many differences between the houses. Selling might be difficult.
Well it would be difficult if we can’t accentuate how awesome it is that we actually have space for two cars in our driveway. Wouldn’t that just look extra awesome with a walkway that lead up to the house? Well? Wouldn’t it?
The driveway we share with our next door neighbour (we are in a middle unit) is in really rough shape. It’s cracking and thanks to an issue with a leaking engine on our side, is in strong need of being replaced. I had a talk with the neighbour husband (he and I seem to be the ones doing a lot of the outdoor work at our places) and we both agreed that this would be the year we would do it and we’d split the cost. I think it’s a perfect opportunity for us to get the walkway put in. If we have professionals coming in to do the drive, how hard would it be for them to also put down a walkway? Or even for them to come and level out the ground so that I could do it myself?
According to my stubborn husband, it would be a lot of work and cost a lot of money. By work, he means for him, and by money he thinks his. In reality, I’d be footing the bill.
Yes me.
I want it THAT BAD.
Not having a walkway directly to the sidewalk has driven me insane since our first visit to the house back in December of 2008. They had shoveled out the grass area beside the car just enough that you could get through and I knew that would be a problem. That’s one of the issues with buying in the winter-you have no idea what to find when you get under the snow. We were pretty lucky – the back deck was in great shape and big and there was only one minor issue with a downspout. Everything else appeared to be in working order.
But that lack of a walkway is nagging at me. It’s pulling on my mind and I can’t stop thinking about it. Talking about it. Dreaming about it.
I have a feeling I’m going to get my way on this. I just wish my husband wasn’t such a bump on the log. The debate continues.

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