Very Pinteresting

With the holidays fast approaching, my brain is in hyper overdrive with ideas of gifts to get, how to decorate and most importantly crafts to make.

Years ago, me and my bestie Devon got together and painted houses for a village that we swore we would update and create for years to come. I kept up the challenge and now have so many houses and not much space to put them. I think it’s time to move on to more grown up things.

Enter pinterest (

Yes, this website is one of the main reasons that I haven’t been blogging. It’s one of the only things that pulls me away from twitter, and it has become the inspiration for a lot of different areas in my life.

If you haven’t had a chance to play around with the site I have two things to say:
1. Why the heck not?
2. Want me to send you and invite?

Pinterest acts as an online place to organize thoughts, ideas and awesomeness. The site allows you to create Boards.

What are boards???
Well boards are a way to group different things on your Pinterest. Personally, I have 9 Boards
– Crafty McCrafterton (A place where I “pin” all things crafty and DIY that I want to actually make and are at a skill level that I feel I could accomplish. aka easy)
– Food I want to Eat (This board is where I put food that I feel I would like to eat, but that is easy enough and cool enough that I actually want to make it)
– Home Sweet Dream Home (As the name suggests – I use this board to pin different style ideas and dreams for my dream home)
– Words that Mean Something to me (An inspiring board of words/typography that I feel really resonates with me and symbolizes me)
– Unique Garden Ideas (Since I became a bit obsessed with gardens this year, I thought this board was a great way for me to gather ideas that I can later put to use)
– Places I’d love to see (A travel inspiration board-great way for me to dream)
– Mmmm Alcohol (A board to collect different ideas and recipes for drinks)
– Happy Holidays (this board currently collects all different kinds of ideas from Halloween to Christmas to Valentines day – this may get split off as the pins increase)
– Randomly Hilarious (this is my newest board and was created to capture all the most hilarious things that I find and really want to hang onto and laugh again. Currently my fave is a picture of a dog freaking out because he just found out that he was adopted and that his people aren’t his real parents)

Now wait, what the heck are PINS?
Well pins are websites and pictures from the internet that fit within my above boards. It could be anything you like as long as it has a picture. You can put your own little notes underneath.

The site is awesome. I’m hoping that I can go into more depth with it in a future post. For now – I’m heading to the Holly Jolly House Tour with my awesome sisters.

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