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Tourist in my home town – Cambridge’s Bob McMullen Linear Trail

As the sun began setting over the Grand River valley, my husband, dog and I took to the Bob McMullen Linear Trail for a little exercise and to soak up the autumnal glow on October 2nd.

Sunset, Autumn, Cambridge, Ontario, Grand River
Looking out over the Grand River as it winds to the west in the setting autumn sun.

The head of the Linear Trail is located at the end Bishop Street in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. Parking can be found in the same parking lot as the Preston Auditorium, and the start of the trail begins to the south side.

Cambridge, Ontario, White Cliffs, Preston, Autumn
The limestone cliffs along the Grand River as it winds past Preston opposite Preston and the Linear Trail in Cambridge.

Minutes from the hustle bustle of King Street in the Preston area of Cambridge, the trail takes you along the Grand River, which in the setting October sun means warm golden hues from trees as they change colour reflecting on the water.

Cambridge, Ontario, Autumn, Canadian Geese, Grand River
The rich warm colours, the Canadian Geese and the tranquility of the water makes visiting the Linear Trail in Cambridge a worthwhile visit.

These pictures were captured on my iPhone 5C and slightly boosted using an app called Snapseed. If you haven’t played around with Snapseed I highly recommend it. It can help bring out some details and make the colours pop, even though the images didn’t need much work tonight as the colours were outstanding.

Autumn, Bench, Cambridge, Linear Trail
This park bench sitting in the golden sun along the Grand River on the Linear Trail just made me want to curl up with a blanket, hot chocolate and revel in the joys of the autumn season.