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Hill Family Reunion 2014

Charles Hill, Ada Woolgar, Family Reunion, 1950
The Hill clan in 1950 celebrating Charles and Ada Hill’s 50th Wedding anniversary.

Calling all Descendants of Charles Hill and Ada Woolgar! 

It’s that time again for the Hill family to get together in Rockwood, Ontario for the annual Hill Family Reunion. Here are the details:

Who: Descendants of Charles Hill and Ada Woolgar and their families
What:  Potluck lunch followed by games for the kids, prizes, laughter and shared memories
Where: Rockmosa Community Centre in Rockwood, Ontario (see map below)
When: Sunday August 18, 2014, Noon – 7pm
Why: To meet and greet with family members from near and far, reminisce and learn a little about your family history

Charles Hill and Ada Woolgar
Charles Hill and Ada Woolgar

Charles and Ada were married September 1, 1900 in Pyrford, Surrey, England before having children and moving to Canada. To celebrate their 50th anniversary, a large party was organized by their children as a potluck with activities for the kids and cake for the loving couple and everyone in attendance. They had such a good time, they decided to do it again the next year, and the next, and the next. It has been successfully running for the past 64 years as their children, grand children, great-grand children and great-great-grand children have kept up the tradition.

Children and adults alike can participate in games such as ball throw, running races and my personal favourite, Kick the Shoe. Guessing games are also popular with family members guessing how many items are in a jar, ultimately winning the contents within. This often includes sweet treats and can be hotly debated.

If there is one thing the Hill clan does well, it is cook and bake. Families are asked to bring food for the potluck and cold drinks for your family. Tea, Coffee and Cutlery are all provided. Donations will be accepted in order to host future family functions and people are asked to provide gifts for the prize table which are raffled off.

This year, I will continue my tradition of searching for family information and plan to have some items on display. Everyone is interested in finding out where they came from and there is no better way than a going to a family reunion to find out.

Hope to see you there!

Southampton Memories

This Civic Long Weekend I am doing something I have never done – going on a cottage vacation to Southampton, Ontario.

I’ve been to a cottage before, as I’m sure nearly everyone in Southern Ontario has, but I have never been to Southampton.

My first impression was, “this town is lovely!” Touted as the oldest port on the Bruce Coast, Southampton has miles of long sand beaches, big sweeping trees, many houses over 100 years old and a quaint downtown with shops and restaurants.

I did something I haven’t done in ages. I took mental pictures. I left my phone in my pocket and my camera in it’s bag and I just soaked it all in. I let the gentle breeze of the lake wash over my face. I let the sand get between my toes. I ate a slice of delicious pizza from a local restaurant and I just savoured the flavour of the pepperoni, cheese, sauce and crust.

I created memories in my mind. I shared laughs with my family and marveled in the joy of my nephew discovering the beach.

The town is relaxed. The people are friendly. The properties are fantastic and the views are completely worth the drive.

It wasn’t until the sun was setting that I picked up the camera. Looking west over a glossy Lake Huron through a hazy sky, I couldn’t help but reflect on a fantastic day with family, laughter and love.