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Stumbleupon vs Pinterest

Came to the realization that when using Stumbleupon I find all sorts of awesome and some crap but it’s so random that I love it. One page will be some awesome how to garden site and then it’ll send me a crazy looping video of some guy getting hit in the nuts. Random. But it’s fast and it’ll take you all over the interweb with the click of a button. Plus the more you use it, and the more you tell it what you like and don’t like, the more it shows you sites that are perfectly tailored to you and what you would like to see. It’s genius.

Yet using Stumbleupon has only been made more awesome by my use of Pinterest.

The flaw with Stumbleupon was that it was difficult for me to remember what I liked – even if I went and pressed the like button. I wouldn’t have a clue what something was unless the URL was simple. By blending Stumbleupon with Pinterest I’m able to pin a visual reference to a board where I can actually remember to go back. And I do. Often.

I’ve been gushing about Pinterest to friends and family for months now. I had actually stumbled upon it a few times and loved the pages I was seeing. I requested to join, got an email that it was set up and away I went. I had long since decided to only pin the absolute best of the best of the best stuff. The cream of the crop. Things I’d actually want to do or to remember. Food I would actually eat on an board that I could remember to go back to and with recipes that are actually easy enough I could make them on my own.

For awhile, I was so in love with Pinterest that I stopped using stumbleupon. I was repinning from the pins on the site. But I’ve come to realize that I need the randomness. I think they are both outstanding and recommend them for everyone.

So in this case – it’s a tie.