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Peaceful Preston

With gorgeous sun, warm spring temperatures, and a dog just begging to get out for a stroll, I found myself on what I feel is one of the prettiest streets in Cambridge, Ontario. Queenston Boulevard runs parallel to downtown Preston.

Large trees, and even larger gorgeous homes. Walking from Dover Street to Church Street feels like you have been transported back in time. Houses there have all retained the charm of being built over 100 years ago, red and yellow brick, unique windows, porches, turrets and balconies. Every house is unique. The architecture is beautiful.

Queenston Boulevard, Cambridge Ontario, House for sale, 2016
As of March 10, 2016, this 9 bedroom house on Queenston Boulevard is listed for sale on www.realtor.ca.

This section of Queenston feels like old money, like every house has been handed down from generation to generation. Every occupant being doctors, lawyers or business executives. The houses are all in great repair. The yards are landscaped. It’s quiet. Peaceful.

We walked along the street listening to birds chirping, and faraway dogs barking. People smiled as they passed. All was calm and serene. I couldn’t imagine ever living there, but I could imagine how creative I could be if I did.

The dog, daughter and I turned down Church Street and again I marvelled at the houses. Smaller than on Queenston, and much closer together the further we headed away from downtown, but still lovely and well cared for.

A right turn at Moore Street and I felt much more at home.

I could live on Moore street.

Houses still had charm and history, they were closer to the road, but with big back yards. This was a working class street. A street where people worked hard to buy their houses and kept them looking good because they know how important their homes to them. Some houses still had porches, some with second story balconies, a few even had bay windows. Gone were the turrets and third floors of Queenston. Here were two story lovely homes that lived and breathed.

It was a quiet day but I could see this is a great place to raise a child. I imagined them laughing as they ran down the narrow sidewalk, drawing with chalk and jumping rope. I could see my own daughter there, learning to ride her bike, making friends, laughing and growing tall.

Queenston is beautiful, a showpiece to our town. Moore Street is a place to live.

A final turn down Dover Street and again, I admired the houses and architecture. Houses and yards get bigger heading back towards Queenston and the downtown core. Each one appeared well loved and cared for by their owners.

Making it back to my car, I took a deep breath and soaked in the spring sunshine. One last look around and I drove away, back home to my townhouse in the suburbs with a tiny tree out front and a postage stamp back yard.