Falling in love with a lake

Falling in love is not so hard when you let yourself give in to the temptation. I have had the immense pleasure of falling in love since I was a little girl. When falling in love I’ve found myself relaxing more, smiling more and just generally feel more centered. I have Lake Erie to thank for that.

  As a child, my family would often head down to Lake Erie for a variety of pursuits and I was always calmed by it’s waters. I really felt that the Lake understood me. I could be as loud as I wanted, laughing and playing, or quietly contemplative. I could sit on it’s shores and read a book, or I could dive in and out of it’s waves. I would wade out to sand bars and see how far I could go while still touching the bottom. I would explore the sandy areas around her shores, or walk on the rocks in other spots. I’ve been on boats on the lake, knee boarded and laughed. I could take risks but always understood the dangers.
  On Monday, my husband and I started off on an adventure around Lake Erie, aptly hash tagged for social media as #aroundErie. We saw so much of the lake and enjoyed all the pursuits around her and not so far away. We saw big cities and small ones along her shores, and loved not being able to see the other side in some parts. You truly realize how big and small the lake can be when you drive around.
  If you were to drive the full length, you could do it in one day – 16 hours total. But where is the fun in that? We tried to make our trip as close to 4 hours each day if possible, but of course our little jaunts away from the lake made that challenging.
  In the next several weeks, I hope to blog a little bit about our adventure and hopefully open up your eyes to the lake that I love so much. After all, there is so much to see and do around Lake Erie and I think everyone should get out and enjoy it.

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