Finding Insight at the Psychic Fair

This past weekend in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada was the winter Psychic Fair at Bingeman’s. I’ve gone to several psychic fairs and this one stands out to me as being one of the better ones (perhaps only one) in Waterloo Region.

In case you weren’t aware, I am open to the possibility that some people may have tapped into their psyche more than others. I don’t believe that everyone calling themselves a psychic are actually really able to tap into angels/demons/spirit guides. I think some of them do make general statements that could apply to anyone and because they have you there in front of them you can adapt what they say to your personal situation. I do however believe that some of them truly do have a gift and I have personally experienced some truth and foretelling from what psychic’s have had to say.

I remember my first year going to the Bingeman’s show and how I was taken aback by two things:

  1. The number of choices – I had no idea just how many psychic’s were going to be there and just how different they could all be. The room was packed with everything you could think of and some you couldn’t in the psychic field. Those that read the tarot to answer questions and those that talked to you angels or spirit guides. Many read palms and others used colour or light to see into your past, present or future. Just how do you decide?
  2. The price – Psychic’s are not cheap. The good ones especially so. The sticker shock scared me a little. $75 for a half hour? Some up to $90? Wow. That’s a lot of money.
This artwork in my office was made in 2012 by Beverly Stephan who uses paint to show you your spirit guides for the present and what is to come in the future
This artwork in my office was made in 2012 by Beverly Stephan who uses paint to show you your spirit guides for the present and what is to come in the future

My first visit ended with me not even having a reading but at least getting the lay of the land. Two years ago I decided on going with my gut and getting a piece of art in the process. I had gotten a really good vibe off of Beverly Stephan when I first talked to her and her husband and I ended up feeling really good about the art piece I received. Unfortunately when framing I lost sight of the two doves at the top of the piece but from certain angles they can still be seen. The image is to the right and I wonder if you can see any beings in the art? Do you see the person cross legged and praying in the middle? Or the two bears near the top? How about the angel with her wings drawn in or the goat near the bottom? No? Well you aren’t alone but I can see them and that’s what matters.

This year I decided to bring my friend Kristina from who other than having her tarot read at a home party, has never experienced a psychic fair. From the look on her face, I could tell that it was incredibly overwhelming at first. You enter a room and see table after table of psychic’s, mediums, angelologists and even several stores and such that deal in precious stones, jewelery, tarot decks and runes. There truly is something for everyone when going to the psychic fair.

One of the best tips for anyone going to the psychic fair for the first time ended up being passed onto Kristina by one of the psychics named Rev. Corbie Mitleid. She told her to ensure she talks to whoever is in the booth and get a feel for who they are. You need to read their comment books to see what people were saying about their visit and you need to make an informed decision. Not everyone that is there is going to tell you the truth about everything. Some of them will only spout sunshine and you really need to make sure that you get quality and that it’s okay if you don’t pick anyone.

That was a eye opening for Kristina. She felt so much better and the pressure was lifted to make a decision quickly. Here was someone doing the same job as everyone else to sell her services and yet she gave permission to not choose her, or anyone for that matter if you didn’t feel right about it. I had come to that conclusion on my own in years past, but for Kristina this really helped her feel much more comfortable with being there.

I really liked Corbie. She was a straight shooter. She admitted to us that she was not going to hold back and she was going to give it all to you even if you didn’t like what she had to say. My only regret was waiting as I contemplated seeing her for a reading but she was booked into the afternoon by the time I went back.

I went around twice before finally deciding on a table that was busy when we first walked by. I really honestly didn’t think I should even give them the time of day. The whole advertising was about finding your life’s agenda and overcoming illness. And my designer friends will appreciate this, it was the only one that used bright bold fonts that didn’t really tie in with the other worldliness of everyone else’s signage. Yes, I was paying attention to the fonts and design of everyone’s signage and flyers and judging them accordingly.

Some of the signage to explain KarmicDNA
Some of the signage to explain KarmicDNA. For more information, click on their name to the right.

Bio-energy Therapy KarmicDNA Soul Contracts

Just the name alone sounds confusing, convoluted and the signs mention nothing about using psychic abilities. They use a computer program, your name and birthday to determine what your life’s purpose is, what some challenges you may face and how to overcome them as part of the KarmicDNA. Bio-Energy Therapy is something else that can be offered that uses light therapy to help people become pain free.

When I left the house, I had decided on wearing one of my mom’s rings and some of her earrings. I had thought that maybe I needed to connect with her. I mean, her birthday is coming up and she’s been on my mind a lot (among other things.) On top of that, I had questions about the future both personally and professionally. Why would I even entertain going with someone that was going to talk all about me?

Somehow Kristina and I became separated so I thought to ask what exactly they meant by this Bio-energy Therapy mumbo jumbo. The gentleman working the table’s name was Richard and he was very honest about himself. He works in the medical field during the week and works on KarmicDNA as a side job because he really believes in it. He uses your information to determine where you fit within 10 different aspects of personality. I’m not sure if personality is the best way to describe it really but it allows you to do some self exploration. I talked to him for a few minutes and just for fun he decided to key in my information to just to see. He honestly didn’t expect me to sign up with him but wanted to show me how it comes out and where I would lie in the spectrum. Somehow within him finding out this about me, he was able to sum up so much about me in two minutes – much better than anyone else there and especially better than the “hair psychic” which creeped both me and Kristina out.

Richard Leach and the KarmicDNA Booth

I couldn’t actually believe I was saying the words, but before I knew it they were out of my mouth, “Let’s do it.” He looked a little surprised but happy that I chose him, as I had seen him before walking around and talking to some people in the other booths. I could’ve picked anyone, why did I pick Richard?

Within a few minutes of us talking behind the counter I realized that why he was chosen above all others. I have been so focused on things I cannot change that I have lost a bit of myself. Talking to him I was actually able to go back and reflect on who I really am and he ended up discussing challenges that I have and how to overcome them. He actually got me at my core – a core I had completely forgotten existed.

I’m not going to get into the complete details, as I’m sure I’ve yammered my husband and Kristina’s ear off enough in the past two days but lets just say that I came out with what I needed. I feel empowered and I feel confident that I can succeed as long as I can keep my nose down and stick with it.

Kristina went and talked to the “Moon people.” Her words, but pretty sums up who they were. A woman who believes that the moon you were born under and the moon of your loved ones can help determine your relationship and how best to deal with that person. She discovered that the day she married her husband, his moon became complete. She walked away with some images of their moons and is really looking forward to framing them so that she can always remember how important their relationship is.

All in all, we felt the psychic fair was a good one and I know I’ll be back. Perhaps next time I’ll look into the past or look to the future. For now though, I really look forward to getting the tape recording in my email inbox and exploring more about me, what makes me tick and how I can overcome the barriers in my way.

For information on the next psychic fair coming to Ontario including two more at Bingeman’s in May and over Labour Day Weekend visit

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