The Portuguese Swamp

Having a dog who needs regular walks means you may become bored with your your usual neighbourhood. Tonight, we decided to take a jaunt over to the area along the Can-Amera Parkway in Cambridge, Ontario.

The pathway is wide and recently paved. It is clearly marked for two way traffic and a really smooth ride for bike riders and rollerbladers.

As the sun was setting on this June evening, it was a nice change of pace to look over the brush on the edge of the path to see the Portuguese Swamp.

Our eyes were drawn to green murky waters and various stages of decay in the dimming light. A family of Canadian geese swam through the water and a feeling of tranquility washed through me. It’s a magical place, just steps from a neighbourhood and a few feet from a very busy road.

As far as walking/biking trails go, it’s worth a trip but you may want to wear bug spray. The Portuguese Swamp is notorious for having some of the biggest mosquitoes in town. Lucky for us, the air was cool so they left us alone.

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