I’ve had a lot of random thoughts lately, so I thought I should put them down.

– Elections aren’t easy. They cost a lot of money, and even though the parties focus on the party leader with attack ads, etc, they aren’t really focusing on what that means to the every day Canadian. We all have different needs and wants, either based on geography, age or social standing. I don’t want to hear anything about how awful the other party leader is, I want to hear about what their party stands for and how they feel about the issues. Even with that, who the leader is doesn’t mean that the person who is representing my community is the best thing. After watching my local debate this morning, it’s obvious that we only have 2 choices in our community, and only one of those will actually get in. the same guy that’s been there for years. It’s sad.

– Sometimes it is difficult to not see two sides to every story. I’ve been involved either by proxy or directly in a few difficult discussions lately where things get a little out of hand. Either one person takes it the wrong way, of they have their blinders on. There are so many ways that things can go off the deep end and I guess I’m a realist because I keep seeing both sides of an argument. I try to use as much tact as possible to stay out of it because I abhor fighting.

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