59 days to go…

We move in 59 days and 18 hours: also known as: 1434 hours remaining. I’m finding it hard to believe! But at the same time, I feel so excited about it that I can hardly wait. I look around our apartment daily and realize that we have a long way to go with packing in order to get where we need to be. So much to be done!

My mother keeps reminding me that I need to get more done as “Men don’t pack – they just move.” And I know she’s right! When James and I moved in together for the first time, he was living in a one bedroom basement apartment in Paris. We had decided we liked the building, the landlords and the location, so we rented a two bedroom upstairs. He was to ask friends to help him move, as I had family that was willing to help me. Turns out the only people he asked were his dad and sister. He had probably a total of five boxes, which went back and forth up and down the stairs and the four of us were responsible for getting all his items moved. It was a lot of work and I just shook my head.

This move is going to be different!

So far I’ve got boxes of various sizes and weights, piled in two corners of the living room. I have three big wardrobe boxes in the corners of the bedroom and half the closet emptied out – including my wedding dress and my flower girl dress that I wore when I was six. (When am I planning on wearing them before the move?

We’ve been going through and trying to get rid of as much as we can, as we’ve realized that we have a lot of stuff! A very large amount actually and who really needs clothing that doesn’t fit anymore? By the time we lose weight and can fit in it again it will be completely out of style and we’ll need to buy new clothes anyhow!

We’re working on getting the office cleaned out so that we can move my Uncle Bob’s stuff in. He’s living upstairs currently but will be taking over our apartment after we go. It’s a great apartment and I’m sure he’ll be happy here but it’s kind of a minor hitch in the getting prepped to move early. Normally when you move you focus on your own stuff – but with this move we have double the thoughts. We can deal with it though.

Realistically, I think we are on track – but as I said we only have 59 days to go!

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