A fresh start – a new beginning?

Amazing things happen when you least expect it.

We went out with Agent M this afternoon to look at some town/row houses in Preston. Again, as mentioned, we wanted to stay in Preston or Hespeler, so we thought we’d give it a try.

Sure enough we went through two gems today – oddly enough on the same street right across from each other.

House one had a great flow to it. But the main floor felt a little small in the family and living room. The house was pretty much all builders white. The rooms were all a good size and everything was really good. It was an end unit with the only attachment being the garage. You could enter the backyard from the house or through a really nice wooden gate at the side of the house. The only issue was that the basement wasn’t finished, and that it was slightly oddly laid out so that you only had a small area for a rec room. But we could finish it and make the house be so much more.

House two was across the street and a centre town unit. One side was connected by a house, the other by the garage. The layout was somewhat similar but the house was so much bigger. Higher ceilings in the fully finished basement. The kitchen also had a really great breakfast bar that looked out on the great room which is a living room and a dining area. It had really big windows and let in lots of light. The people who built the home definitely got some extras. A book shelf built in at the top of the stairs, the basement finished and a gas fireplace. Walk in closet in the master bedroom and a rough in for an en suite. The closets are all big too and there’s a deck out the back.

Realistically great houses, $10,000 different. When looking at the houses there are many differences, but one just seemed to stand heads over the other. House two is great. After thinking about it and talking about it, we decided that we are going to put in an offer. Hard to believe that we finally have found a place we could see our selves settling down and spending time together and growing a family together. If all goes well and a few negotiations later, we will only have to worry about furniture!

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