A toast to the bride and groom!

yesterday James and I had the pleasure of attending a wedding for two really wonderful people. Chris and Jess have always been very positive, up for anything, friendly and attentive. They have been fantastic friends for all that have met them and we were so happy to be included in their special day.

I think part of what made the wedding that much more special was that we finally got to just sit back and enjoy. We didn’t have to greet guests, take pictures, coordinate caterers or ministers or the rest of the wedding party. As our wedding was over a year ago we weren’t trying to get any new ideas either. We were able to just sit back and enjoy the company we were with and the atmosphere.

By far, this was the largest wedding either of us had been to – with over 300 invited and 268 at the reception. Knowing this couple, they wouldn’t have had it any other way and everyone we talked to wouldnt’ have missed it for the world. These two are both very special and well liked by all.

It was interesting to see the wedding because like us, they had chosen to use chocolate brown. There were so many differences though. Ours had a more kitschy look because of the addition of orange where there wedding was more clean and elegant. Our wedding had more of a pop art contemporary feel and theirs was elegant. I like to think that both of our weddings were unique and wonderful in their own way.

I can say this though – next to our wedding – they had some of the best food I have ever had at a wedding. The “gravy” or rosemary peppercorn sauce as was listed on the menu was absolutely to die for. The seating chart was well thought out and we sat with people that we know and love.

All in all it was a wonderful wedding and I wish them both all the happiness in the world – they deserve it!

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