A tweetluck with my tweetpeeps

Tonight we are hosting the 2nd tweetluck ever. And I’m really excited but completely slacking on my cleaning duties today.

What is a #tweetluck you ask? Well it was an idea born out of a really great person named Wendy. She thought it’d be great to have some of her twitter friends together to eat food and enjoy a few laughs. Initially she thought of hosting in a local park, but there are huge rules against drinking in parks these days so she agreed to host at her house. She spread the word, and soon enough her deck was full of people, food and laughter.

Wendy and her husband Greg are great people and the event was a huge success. The hubby and I agreed that we would host the next one, before the last one was even over. We love hosting events and we figured this was a great way to have a summer event.

The joy of twitter means that you can widen your circle of friends and meet some really interesting people. This also means there will be some really interesting foods. I’m very excited to see what everyone brings tonight.

So you – if you are on twitter, send me a message and I’ll send you the link to the event site and come on down. We’d love to see you 🙂

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