Ah the theatre!

Last night the hubby and I were able to partake in local theatre. Not everyone knows that Cambridge is home to Ontarios longest running community theatre. Otherwise they might be all clammouring to go see shows at the Galt Little Theatre.

When I called the box office two weeks ago she asked where I wanted to sit. Every seat in the house has a good view she said. Having never been there I asked her to pick a good spot for us. She selected Row H. Appropriate as our last name starts with that letter and this was an anniversary gift. How could I have expected that Row H, the 8th row from the stage was only a few rows from the back. When they say little theatre-they are right.

The funny thing about a small theatre, is that you feel more a part of the show. You are connected to the other audience members and as a collective the mood of the audience can be felt on stage. The seats are a little small for plus sized girls like me (or guys for that matter) but it was completely worth it. The price was very reasonable at $17 a ticket. This is a fraction of the cost for shows in the larger cities and venues. Also, each play only runs for two weeks which makes it even more valuable. The glimpse you have of the show is only for a limited time and for a limited audience. Small town theatre is completely worth it.

The hubs and I went to see a comedy-Moon Over Buffalo. It had a great cast of 7 characters acting out the roles of a group of people involved in the theatre around the golden age of television. The play had a fun concept to play with. Aging actors trying to keep their theatre troupe alive with dwindling ticket sales while striving to break into the silver screen. Suddenly they are faced with one last chance to break into movies and all sorts of outside factors break in to bumble things. The actors were comfortable in their roles and played them well. The many closings and openings of doors had the audience in stitches.

The character of George Hay, played by Gord Cameron was by far my favourite. He fell into character as the patriarch and 2nd biggest star of the company. He gets into mischief and brings a lovable feel to his role. Everyone else was strong as well. If there were slip ups, they hid them well. The actors projected well, stayed in character and were believable. It was quite enjoyable.

I do recommend that you check out this gem of a theatre if you don’t have time for the play.

For more about the play, visit the Galt Little Theatre Website at the link.

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