All Quiet on the Northern Front

Heard some sad news today about one my favourite places in the world.

Niagara Falls tourism is down – way down. The main reason for this is that the U.S. and Canada have instituted a new initiative with regards to people needing passports to cross the border. This prevents the easy flow of tourists from one area to the other. I myself don’t have a passport and therefore have been gearing all my vacations around staying here in Ontario.

Niagara Falls is gorgeous and you can go there and spend a little money, or spend a lot. It is true that many activities in Niagara Falls can be enjoyed without spending a penny. Walking along the Falls, checking out all the sights and sounds of people walking on Clifton Hill, Checking out all the lights on the falls at night in the summer months, or going to the festival of lights held for the end of November and December depicting a variety of Christmas Lights displays. There something so magical about going to the Falls.

The sad thing is, if you want to do anything in the Falls, namely along the main tourist spot Clifton Hill, you are going to pay for it. Restaurants are all just that much more money and each attraction carries a hefty price tag. All of the hotels close to the falls or the casino cost a pretty penny – even if they don’t have a good view – or any view at all in some hotels. The last time we went there, we had an expensive hotel with the most desirable postal code – but our room’s window looked out into a hallway and the air was hot and disgusting.

I’m hoping that perhaps this means they might actually do more to make it worth your while. Correct the prices a bit so that everyone will want to go there again. Once that happens, maybe we’ll be more apt to go back there.

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