An Insomniacs House Dreams

With the move only a few short days away, I have become a complete insomniac!

I’m sure all new homeowners go through the same jitters – the excitement, the nervousness and complete ball of energy that seems to be completely under the surface. In my head I’m making list after list and imagining where all our things will go and how I want to lay things out when we move.

We were to go for our final house showing last night but something happened where the sellers agent couldn’t locate the keys. A pain but at least we got in tonight. I was so happy to get there early and look around at the curb appeal of our property. It’s funny how many big dreams that I have! I’d love to plant some gorgeous flowers along the front walk and I’d love to lengthen the walkway to lead all the way to the sidewalk. It’ll give more space to park and allow space to walk by the cars without walking on the grass. Also – it will just bring a more cohesive look to the front of the house. Brilliant idea don’t you think?

James and I were so happy to see the agent pull up in her now familiar black automobile. Smiling – she had the keys in hand and in we went. I tested all the faucets and opened all the cupboards. There was just something about having the people still in the house that prevented me from really looking deeper at things. I knew that I liked the house and the layout and that it was what I wanted. I could live with small things. Well today I went through the small things and did a little inventory of things I’d like to do to improve the house.

First thing I’d love to do is try and steam clean the carpets. I noticed there was a stain on the main floor carpet and that the carpet leading to the basement is a little dirty where there is a clear footpath. The stain in the living room I hadn’t noticed before as it was cleverly hidden under their table. With all their furniture gone it was clear as day. I know we’d eventually like to replace the carpet, but we’ll go with the steam cleaning for now.

I also discovered that I have a very strong disdain for the sconces in the basement. At least I’m not alone. James is with me! We ended up checking out Canadian Tire after and sure enough – they had our sconces, and only one we really liked. Problem is – it’s over our budget to replace them all. guess it can wait!

The kitchen cupboards have really nice brushed metal knobs. Better than I remembered so that means that we can save on replacing them. Yay! Score one for the home team!

They did leave the shelves in the garage and the big mirror in the bathroom too. that was a plus. I did worry they’d disappear and we’d have to replace them. But they did take the shelving in the cold storage room. We didn’t ask for it, so really what can we expect right?

Unfortunately we will need to repaint. We really didn’t want to, but it appears that in their effort to get items out of the basement, they scraped the walls pretty badly. We can work with it for a few weeks, but have already started talking about what colour we’d like to paint.

All in all the visit was great and it made us even more excited. We opted to stop into Canadian Tire afterwards for their big spend $40 get $10 in Canadian Tire money sale. We knew that we’d need a few things so we picked up some laundry detergent and some Bounce sheets. Even scooped up a Swiffer Wet Jet. Our friends have one and they seem to really love it – so we figured – why not? We also got one of those things things for the bottom of your rain spout. We noticed that ours on the front of the house was cracked and broken so we picked up another one. James found a clock that he loved and I could tell that he wanted it. I told him to put it in the cart. It felt good to be doing regular things for our house rather than dreaming of it.

Hard to believe it’s really almost here!

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