And thar she blows – the neighbours are moving

Our next door neighbours are moving out. They pulled up a moving truck this morning and have been filling it up. I can’t even begin to tell you how weird it feels.

These neighbours have been really nice in cutting the grass at the front. The dad or granddad is retired and really likes doing stuff. He doesn’t know what he’s doing but he tries and has a good heart. And by not knowing what he’s doing – I am talking about the time he went to use a product on the lawn to get rid of the dandelions only to burn the lawn in about 20 places due to the chemicals he used.
They are always around out on the front porch watching the world go by so you know that they will tell you if someone stopped by when you aren’t home, and if your dog got away and you never noticed. It’s been a blessing, and at times a bit of a curse.
Must say it’s a little challenging when you have someone there all the time. You have to watch your tongue, and be prepared to brush them off or get drawn into a long conversation about anything or anything. The parents that own the house are really nice. Always have a pleasant word for us, even if it is a few words more than we’d like to have. Their adult daughter is a bit more reclusive. She kind of just looks at you but doesn’t really try and engage you. Her husband is nice though and their kids are pretty cute. Their 2 year old always wants to say Hi and really likes when you talk back to him. Poor kids had issues with allergies the entire time we’ve been neighbours. Wonder if he’s allergic to smoking?
That’s the main issue with these neighbours. They are really nice and they haven’t been that bad at all, but the smoking constantly of four adults on the front porch make it virtually impossible to be able to truly enjoy your own front porch. Just once I’d love for them to mix it up and use the back yard.
Too late now. As of tomorrow morning the truck will be completely full and they’ll be off to Milton.
The strangest thing though – they haven’t put the house up for sale yet. They want to move out before so that it can look it’s best and be ready all the time. I guess they don’t want to advertise how crowded it can be with 5 adults and two children under 2 living there.
We have the same townhouse as them only the opposite layout. We’ve never been inside their place, and they’ve never been inside ours. One good thing about them moving out is that we might be able to go through an open house to see what it looks like. They have the same layout as us but with all the bathrooms installed. We might get an idea if it’d be worth it to do it to our house.
Another good thing is that we will get new neighbours. I wonder what they’ll be like. Will they be a young couple like us? A family? Will they like dogs? Cats? Are they going to be throwing parties all the time? Will they be nice or reclusive?
I’ll miss the whole brood from next door but it’ll be nice to shake things up in our neighbourhood!

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