Baby on the Brain

I had the most vivid baby dream I have ever had last night. Could it be because I am going to a baby shower tomorrow? Is it because of the burgeoning baby bump I saw on a friend last night? Could it be because I saw the pictures of Joel Madden and Nicole Ritchie from People Magazine with their little baby? Was it so vivid from the alcohol? Did my drunk brain think it was possible after talking to a friends mom and asking if she was excited to be a grandmother? (With a big bright smile and big bright eyes she said, “Absolutely!”)

No matter how it happened – I ended up having a dream that seemed so real!

In my dream, I had just given birth to a baby boy and he had the tiniest little legs, and the tiniest little arms. He had this cute little tuft of brown soft hair on his head and was perfect as I would ever hope to be. (Strangely though, he did resemble the Madden/Ritchie baby who I saw in the pictures yesterday!) Anyhow, I had this baby and then James picked him up and wouldn’t let anyone hold him. He carried him, and sat holding him with his head up. Our little boy opened his eyes wide and he smiled. James was tickling him under his chin and I swear he giggled. Which in my dream I even said “that can’t be possible but I swear he just giggled!” I was thinking about how much he was like his father, with a big smile and always a laugh at the ready. I admired looking at them, but I really wanted to hold my baby boy.

In my dream, James mother came over and ran to go see her grandson. Even she couldn’t pry the baby from James’ hands. She sat on the couch beside him and cooed at this new addition to our family. I watched as they interacted with the baby. Now his mother was seeing the bright eyes and big smile, that I was able to see before she had come. James mother was still sitting there when the doorbell rang and I told James that he should be getting the door. The little bugger went to go get it and rather than passing off the baby to one of us, he went and put the baby down on the middle of our bed. I was so mad. All I wanted was to hold my son and he was hogging him!

The dream was incredibly vivid – and before you ask, this is not my time to get pregnant. We have talked and both agree that we want to wait two years until we are in a house before having a baby. We are going to live vicariously through our friends for now. The dream did not shake that in my brain. I am not in a rush!

What the dream did do was make me want to see what a child would look like if we had one. As my brain was still groggy from the dream, I looked over at my sleeping husband and thought about those photo booths that take one photo of you and one photo of someone else and morph’s it together to show you what your baby would look like. I wonder if this technology is online???

I guess I just found my mission for the morning! If you find it first, let me know!!!!

Have a great day everyone!

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