Bear Claw Cravings

I am completely craving a Bear Claw today.

I woke up this morning and wasn’t very hungry. Had a beer too many last night I think and it made me kind of silly, loud and probably a bit obnoxious. Waking this morning wasn’t that hard though which proves that maybe I can still handle my alcohol. Only had 3 beers though so maybe not.

The laptop sits beside the bed and I’ve gotten in the bad habit of turning it on when I just get up to see what’s going on in the world. I do this and after seeing an ad on the side of the page with a picture of a kid on the side eating a chocolate dipped donut, I felt that I needed to have one too.

But not just any donut.

Oh no – a Bear Claw.

When I lived in Jasper it was a very special treat to get up early and walk to the bakery to examine their wares. The smell was fantastic and it made me drool so much. When I discovered the Bear Claw I was in heaven. Just biting into it’s soft flaky crust through the delicious chocolatey centre… I’m drooling in the memory.

Sadly – I live in Ontario.

Where oh where can someone from Ontario get a delicious Bear Claw???

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