Big Event Coming Up

For some awesome reason, i have taken it upon myself to plan an awesome event this year that will rival all events I’ve ever hosted – even our super awesome wedding that I so frequently like to talk about.

There has been a lot of excitement from any of the people I have told (and to be honest, I’ve only told about four people!) Everyone that knows about it is almost as excited as me and they keep thinking it’s going to take a lot work. What they don’t realize is that when my brain gets working on an idea – I get working on it day and night.

Since I was enlightened to the idea from an old Ringette friend of mine on Facebook, I’ve been going gung ho. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do it. When she emailed me and told me the general rules of the event – I started to get more and more interested. Of course, as this is their third annual event, I have the ability to learn from their mistakes.

I cannot tell you what the event is…. yet… As I want to have a slight element of surprise. I’m just now thinking of how I can put it all together and get it out to the masses. I’d almost like to have packages put together for those included in the event. I don’t want to do just a facebook group like everyone else seems to do (and do it well) even though I’m sure I will have one at some point for it.

Right now – all I can say is that it will be taking place on the Summer Solstice – June 21, 2008 – which to my luck falls on a Saturday.

Oh yes – this will be an awesome time for everyone that comes out.

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