Cheers to being cute and lucky!

I may have just had the luckiest night of my life and it was in a location that I wasn’t even supposed to be.

Back in the summer my husband and I went to a Tree Party. It was kind of a random thing that an old friend of my husband was throwing to celebrate the big Oak tree that he has at his new house. His yard is pretty secluded and he wanted to have everyone over to listen to some bands, have a bonfire and just generally hang out. It was such a different experience in that it started out really mellow and as the drinks flew people lost a few of their inhibitions. The police even came and strangely I laughed it off as really we were sitting around with a bunch of mellow hippies listening to music from someone playing a guitar. Apparently some neighbours complained.

This wasn’t the type of party that I was used to going to and as I mentioned, these were friends of my husbands from back when he lived in Paris. He was so excited to see his old friends and was even more excited to find out that one of his friends was getting married and would love for James to go with him on his bachelor party and really wanted us to come to his buck and doe.

I was sceptical about all of it. James has been working for himself and money is tight. We don’t know when the next payment will come in or when the next job so rather than count on everything being roses, I didn’t feel comfortable spending money that we may not have had yet. We haven’t used our credit cards yet and for that I still feel really good – but there was no way that I could justify him going to the bachelor party in New York or both of us going to the buck and doe. As I really don’t know these people, I had told him that he could go by himself and it’d be much easier for us to not go over budget. I was going to send him on his merry way.

Yesterday being the day for the buck and doe I was looking forward to delving into my book and having some quiet time with me and The Dude. Then my parents show up and bring us some money for a photography project we had done for his car club and some money for our anniversary so that we could go out and have a good time. It was unexpected and we were both incredibly grateful. James told me that he’d really like if I could come with him and that we’d both watch our money and just keep it low key.

I was dreading going after barely knowing these people. I had never spent any quality time with any of them and I felt really bad about bringing down James’ night. He was excited as these were guys he really liked and hates that he lost touch with them. After finding out that a friend that recently moved to Paris had nothing to do, I begged her to come. After all, it’d be much more fun hanging out together than just sitting around alone.

So we went to the buck and doe and were ready for anything. None of us had any expectations other than James who was looking forward to talking to his old crowd. We arrived and were surprised by the number of people there. The groom is now a teacher and I was surprised to find my old geography teacher was there. Carmen ended up knowing one of they guys that James went to high school with so she had some good conversations with him. We just did what we pleased, talked, laughed and had a good time.

The budget was on my mind so I had one glass of wine and then switched to the free pop. I luckily bought some karaoke insurance when I came in which saved me some embarrassment later on (thank god!) They had a game set up as a Wii Challenge. Surprisingly there wasn’t that many takers for the game so we got to play right away. I faced off against Carmen and in three short rounds she had dispensed of me. James came up against Carmen and they had a tight match of really long fights but she also got rid of him. They brought back the other most winning guy – and she destroyed him very quickly. After seeing this the guy who was running wanted to give a go. He thought he could down her – but she quickly got rid of him. She earned the name Yoda and even destroyed another challenger later in the night. This got her two free drink tickets.

We laughed at her prowess and spent a lot of time chatting when they started calling door prizes. I NEVER win anything at these things so I was shocked when suddenly they called my number. After reviewing the table I had two options – something for me or something that would be a gift for someone. Carmen, my partner in crime, told me that I had to choose something for me. Why not – it was something I had won right?

This was how I came to be in possession of a $25 gift certificate for Dairee Delite in Brantford. If you have never had the pleasure – you are missing out. Soft ice cream, lots of flavours and combos. Absolutely amazing. My personal favourite involves liquid peanut butter and peanut butter cups over soft serve chocolate ice cream. It’s so filling but so delicious. I’m drooling just thinking about it!

With my luck I said “I should buy lottery tickets.” Some time passed. James ate a sandwich and I decided to get some tickets for the raffle. There was a prize I had my eye on. Paid for 5 tickets, they gave me 6. Score for me! I wrote James’ name on one and told him “You are always lucky – pick whatever you want.” We strolled on over, I put four of my tickets in the “Dinner and a Movie package” and decided to put one in the “Spa” package that included a facial gift certificate and a blanket. Ultimately I wanted the dinner and a movie and so did James so we had our fingers crossed. If I won the spa package the blanket would’ve been Carmen’s as she was my lucky charm. She said it was a great deal as by this point someone in the wedding party started giving her free drinks. The girl said “I don’t know what it is about you but I feel that you need free drinks.” I think the bridesmaid thought she was cute and was hitting on her and who were we to complain when her and James got to drink for free the rest of the night.

We laughed at Carmen’s cuteness and her and James’ competition to see who could drink the most and the fastest. (It ended in a tie by the way.) And we just enjoyed being there. It came time for the raffle draws and when they come to the draw for the dinner and a movie my ears perked up. James said “And the winner is Corina McHarris” and he’s suddenly echoed with “And the winner is Corina Harris.” I was dumbfounded. Couldn’t believe it. I have NEVER won anything like it ever before.

The prize is fabulous – a $50 gift certificate for dinner at a variety of restaurants including one of my favourites Milestones. The movies include passes for two, popcorn, pop and candy. It’s insane. Pretty much an $80 prize. Add that to my door prize of $25 and I walked away a complete winner.

My pockets were down $20 and now up $105! Maybe it’s not too late to get some lottery tickets.

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