Cheers to chicks and cakes!

I had a really wonderful afternoon with my oldest and dearest best friend. We were talking this week about cakes, as we have done periodically for the past, oh, four years or so! This talk led to us agreeing to go out today to look into potential cake decorating classes. Both of us have been looking at potentially doing this for years and it was so awesome to go out and meet with someone who has some serious talent.

We stopped by Klara Johnson’s in downtown Galt. (For those of you out of town, that’s an area of Cambridge, Ontario.) She was really nice and helpful, explained what was taught in the class in a nutshell and showed us some samples of what we’d be learning. The course seems really in depth. Problem is – it’d be running right on the day that I’d be moving into my new house! I don’t think it’d look good if I suddenly disappeared in the middle of the move to go decorate imaginary cakes that aren’t even real cakes yet!

Our next stop will be going to The Cake Box. As many of you know, the Cake Box designed the awesome wedding cake for our wedding. She works a lot in fondant, and that truly is what I’m interested in working with. I believe Devon is the same way as it seems to be a much more fun, pliable option for us to create crazy cakes. They have different class options – including a private session if you can get up to five people together to work on anything you want. To me this sounds great as we can learn all about what we WANT to learn, and gear it more to us rather than to a set course design that might cover all the different styles of icing and piping.

How this whole thing got insane for me is watching the Food Network. They have two really amazing shows that I seem to like watching any chance I can. Ace of Cakes is where I started. They create these crazy insane cakes in any style that you want. The most recent shows I watched had a huge phone booth for the movie premiere of Get Smart and then they also made a light house for a naval school. What was so amusing is that both of them had an electronic element. I know that I’m light years from using electricity and flashing lights and smoke machines, but the fondant seems pretty easy to work with and sculpt anyway you want.

The other show on the Food Network – is the Food Network Challenge. These challenges are AMAZING. 8 hours to create some sort of cake or dessert type thing. Usually they have a theme and sometimes there is a secret theme where they don’t know what to expect until they get there. I’ve seen baby shower cakes, city scapes, wedding cakes, sweet sixteen cakes and a crazy Christmas tree made with edible ornaments, tree toppers and garlands.

I watch them work and it seems that in no time they sketch things out and then make them take shape. All it takes is a really good cake base. Of course that’s something I need to work on. I tend to follow recipes and most cakes I’ve made are out of a box or from a family recipe. Not very great bases I think for the cakes I have in mind!

I’m not even sure if we’re going to take a decorating class or if we are just going to go and start practicing on our own. It isn’t that we want to be professionals, we’d just like to do birthday cakes that are really creative, and cakes for parties and such. It’s a skill that will come in handy as her kids grow and mine are born and start to also grow. Kristina, my other best friend, might also join in our crazy cake concoctions.

I think it will be very fun to see how this cake chaos ends up!

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