Clyde really was MY dog

With the passing of the best dog ever Clyde, I find my heart torn. I know that he wasn’t well for awhile, but the joy that he brought my life really makes me want to have him around forever. He truly was sweet and sensitive and truly man’s best friend.

Before meeting Clyde’s I was told that he was this big bumbling oaf and that I would love him. They were absolutely right.

I showed up at James’ house and it was already dark. I walked to the door and was greeted by this big fluffy dog with speckles all over and this happy look on his face. We instantly fell in love. Whenever I was visiting the Harris family I was immediately greeted and followed by Clyde. He hated when others were getting my attention – and would come over and bump his way through. He was especially jealous of Wally, and many of the duke em out fights were over me.

I loved going over and knowing that I’d see him. Just the thought of it would lift my heart and my soul. I’d feel instantly happier at the thought of him there waiting for me.

I really honestly don’t know how I’m going to get through tomorrow. Easter Dinner at the Harris’ will seem so lonely without my best friend sitting under the table at our feet, without him poking out his head or putting it on my lap. He will truly be missed in my heart forever.

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