Contendedly Content

Got some great news on Friday that I need to keep hush hush for a few days at work – but was told I can tell my friends. Thus you guys!!!!

I got offered to keep my job that I currently have, but with a few more responsibilities – which they feel that I’ve earned!

How this has happened, after all the sadness a few weeks ago, is that the girl that I’m covering for on mat leave has gotten offered a much sweeter job working for four hours a day instead of 8 – which means she gets to stay with her son more so she jumped at it. So she’s not coming back.

It totally sucks though, because until she officially tells everyone, I’m not allowed to say anything to people at work. And – our Christmas party is tonight. There are only 4 people in my building that officially know, and I cannot tell a soul.

But – there was this job that I had applied for internally. I was on the fence if I wanted it because it would mean more grey hair. They had set up an interview with me for Tuesday at 3:30 and due to this happening, I had to let them know that I’d have to bow out. I would hate for them to really want me for it, and I turn it down knowing that I have this other job. I’d rather they very seriously look at the other two girls and make a decision that way. Both of the other two girls are awesome and capable. I think either one is a good choice. The position itself was in management and I feel like I was so thrown into a lions den doing it at my last job, that I’d rather work and build up to a great position as I did at the one company I worked for.

The excitement on my bosses face as she told me about it was unreal. She felt bad about being so happy, but she’s seen how hard I’ve contributed to the team this past year, and how hard I’ve worked to expand the position. They were wanting to make some changes to the way things are done, and she told her boss that it could happen if I were there but wasn’t sure how it would go if the other girl was. Now she doesn’t even have to worry about retraining her completely because she has me.

Now my boss – she’s even on a tighter security to not say anything until at least Sunday. She fears her husband might let it slip.

So please, if you read this, please try to not say anything on my facebook wall. I have a few friends from work on there and I fear they will say something and blab it around.

But I must say – I’m so happy. I’ve really enjoyed working with the company and I truly feel that I’m where I belong. And finding a place where you belong – is absolutely FABULOUS!

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