Death to me…

So I’m angry – really angry.

We went for dinner tonight and they screwed up my order. Normally, wouldn’t be a big deal – but it’s the kind of screw up that could kill.

We decided to try a Viet-Thai place that we’ve been to before. I’m not going to name them because last time the food was great. Hubby and I have been recommending this place to anyone who’s been interested. It has a cool atmosphere, the staff seems really nice and they’ve been happy to see us every time.

Anyhow – tonight, they flubbed up my order. We ordered simply enough – I got a vegetarian stir fry and some vegetarian springrolls. James ordered the teriyaki chicken which came with soup and rice and a spring roll.

Not thinking that either of us would get anything we didn’t order, we sat patiently waiting for her to come with our food.

Food arrives and it’s James’ first. It looked tasty and he dug right into his soup with plans of eating everything else later. My dinner came a few minutes later but it didn’t look like what I thought it would. It had corn in it… but there wasn’t any of the other things and I was 99% certain that the tofu – wasn’t tofu – but it was chicken. It tasted okay – but was filled with tonnes of onion and mushrooms – which, thank god, were big enough for me to pick out. Around this time, James took a bite of his spring roll – it tasted fishy – and so he immediately put it down and promised to ask what was up.

I took about five bites and our waitress comes running out to apologize and say that they made a mistake with my order. I had tasted it and it seemed okay so I said that was fine. Then James asks the dreaded question “Is there shrimp in this spring roll?” The answer that “Yes there is shrimp and pork.”

James, having been told all his life that he had an allergic reaction when he was a baby, told her that he was allergic and couldn’t have the shrimp. She said “oh. Do you need someone to remove it from your plate?” He said “No it should be fine, I’ve never tested how allergic I am.”

She looks at me for reaction – in which I didn’t really give her one. She walked away and brought us water back. Fine, things go fine for a bit. I eat my first spring roll and it’s a veggie one. The second one on the other hand had a very distinctive flavour that is not vegetarian.

I spit it out immediately.

Unlike James, I know that I am definitely allergic to shellfish.

I don’t know if it had shellfish, but by the fact that I’m still here – I can only tell you that there was something else there in the spring roll that wasn’t vegetables.

James didn’t want to cause an issue so he didn’t say anything – but seriously – restaurants need to pay closer attention to what they serve people! Ugh!!!!

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