dropping out???

I have a meeting of the BOC tonight. It’s going to be good to talk about things and hammer out the activities that need to happen the day of the Olympics. We’ve gotten some great things for the games and it’ll be great for everyone to see it.

I’ve been really looking forward to the games, even though it seems that we are getting more negative information in the past month than positive.

We’ve had two teams drop out for different reasons. The one team consisted of one person that I know and that person is going to a birthday party for his daugther. I was cool with that. I mean – his ex wife is planning the party, and it is his little girl. I’d be mad with him if he chose to come to the Olympics over that.

The other team is having the same issues that many teams are having – getting a commitment from their team. Their team leader would be perfect for this event – he was enthusiastic, organized, kept up the communication. Problem he had was that no one is talking back. It’s hard to think that you’re team will come together when two people drop out and the others aren’t responding.

It leads me to believe that people have a harder time saying no to someone face to face or on the phone – and that email is not a good method of communication to get excitement going.

I want to start a crusade to ensure that no more teams drop out. As it is, the event will be tight – with only five teams, that’s a max of 30 players. Almost not even worth getting the kegs. Almost – not quite. But if we have four teams – we’ll have to relook at our numbers and see if it’s still worth it.

I knew getting involved I needed key people around me that have enthusiasm and a willingness to help and offer ideas. I’ve gotten that in spades. My committee has been wonderful with helping and being involved. I really look forward to getting everyone together tonight to go over things. Hopefully we can talk about ideas to get people interested in coming out and making a commitment!

I have some ideas about putting together a team of misfits on the day of – you know, people that come and show up and want to play but don’t have a team. If we do that, we may be able to get the 6th team and balance everything out.

Why does trying to get a commitment from people have to be so difficult????

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