Fantastic Fortunes

So somehow, on a day when things seem to be going great, blogger decides to tell me that I’m a spammer! Me?! A spammer! What is that all about?

James did tell me that many real estate type things are deemed spam. It is possible by updating all of you on my open house adventures, that I’ve created a monster in the form of spam blog.

What they don’t realize is that I have a counter on my blog, and the three or four visitors I get a day really don’t count as me spamming anyone. I can assure you that this blog is mine and my thoughts alone.

In other news, it became official today that the girl I’m replacing on maternity leave is not coming back. I thought she would. The company is great, benefits are awesome, pay is okay, but it’s what you expect. I was really surprised when I found out but at the same time – feeling awesome.

I only worked with her for three weeks but I thought she was a really nice person. I don’t want anyone to think that I was stealing her job. I even applied for other jobs. Of course none of them interested me that much. But I felt really good about my prospects. Last year, when I found my position eliminated, I was worried. I felt stressed and I felt dark. this year was different. I was optimistic. My future was wide open and it felt really good.

Now I feel even better. I can settle down and finally look at really getting my own house with my own bathtub!

My sister has been talking about this one agent for a couple months. But we had another one. Only thing was – that agent was very hands off and very forgetful. It was a husband and wife team – and the husband didn’t even recognize us two days after seeing us for the first time. That doesn’t allow me to trust. The wife, she didn’t email me back for a MONTH when I asked to be set up on the email listings. Very disappointing as we had high hopes.

This week, with the change from temp to perm – I decided to do something about it. I contacted the agent my sister recommended and within an hour I had a response. We went back and forth and she’s already sent me 20 more listings than the first agent has. James and I have talked a lot over the past few weeks and it just seemed like the right time. I’m already happy with the service we’ve received. She seems organized, focused and listens well to what we have to say.

Could mean my house dreams are coming true!

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  1. As one of your other readers… I can absolutely, confidentally, and emphatically state that I do not feel spammed!
    K love you bye bye

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