Getting Cheezy Green

Watching my Best Friends Wedding is bringing me back to all the fun stresses of the time around my wedding. No matter what anyone tells you getting married is not easy. It’s tough work.

Of course I don’t want this to be about weddings. Not really.

What I really want to talk about is St. Patricks Day. Have you noticed how awesome it seems to be this year? Everywhere I’m going I see green – and I want it! I love Green. I love wearing green. I love that I have green eyes. I love green pony tail holders and bandanas. I love green pants, sweaters, t-shirts. I’ve even gone out recently and bought giant green hoop earrings and a green necklace. I’m really getting in the spirit!

St Patrick’s Day also ties into a wedding. We are going to a stag and doe on March 8th that has a St. Patrick’s theme and this will officially be my first time REALLY partying on the holiday. I did have green beer, once. and I always let my Irish side come out on St. Paddy’s day by wearing green and occasionally talking with a cheezy accent.

If you didn’t know, I can trace my family back to Ireland. One of my grandfathers was born there and moved to Canada when he was three years old. The other came over when he was older – and was let in for his tremendous botany skills. He ended up being a farmer for the most part, but did have some great skills when he was back Ireland. I wish I knew him.

Anyhow, I’m going to bring out all my green (including a few special surprises) and I’m going to party it up on behalf of my friends because they deserve one awesome time at their stag and doe! I really can’t wait to be all greened up!!!!

In fact, I think I’ll wear green to the wedding on Friday. Guess I’ll get my jump on the holiday!

One thought on “Getting Cheezy Green

  1. Well I hope everybody wears green cause I think looking out would be a wicked sight of a see of green.
    I think there is a green boa in my future that night hahah we will green it up togther my friend!

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