Getting older

I am a horrible aunt! Yesterday was my nephew’s birthday. That much I knew – what I don’t know is exactly how old he is! Isn’t that awful??? I am usually known within the family for remembering birthdays, weights at birth and ages. I seem to have a mind like an elephant when it comes to these things. That is why it bothers me so much when they get it wrong or when I can’t remember. I know that he was 11 pounds, 16 ounces at birth. I know that my sister likes to say she had a 14 pound baby, as I’m sure that’s how it felt! I know that he was supposed to be a girl, according to 5 ultrasounds. I know that his big sister cried and got very mad when he was born a boy. I remember changing his diaper for the first time and was amazed that they got it wrong because he truly was ALL BOY! I know that he’s a few days shy of six months from another one of my nephews. I can remember how my sister was the same size at five months, as my sister in law was at 9 months. He had red hair – right from the get go and there was no issue holding him right away as he wasn’t tiny like a newborn – and never had the opportunity to wear newborn clothing or diapers. I remember that he was the easiest baby and toddler to look after as well, and that he was really well behaved. I know that all changed when he went to school and older kids started to pick on him because they thought he was in their class from his size. He didn’t know how to defend himself and I remember him as being one of the only kids ever that was suspended from Junior Kindergarten.

It’s killing me that I can’t remember. I’m trying to wrap my head around when it was that he was born in my life. I’m pretty certain that it wasn’t when I was in college… but then again it could be. I remember that when they were pregnant, my sister and sister-in-law used to tease my boyfriend at the time that they could get together and he wouldn’t have any fears of getting them pregnant – to which he always blushed, laughed and made to look like he was thinking about it. (which he probably was!) I dated him from January 1997 to May 2000. It had to have happened sometime in there. This is agonizing! I can’t believe that I can tell you the ages of all the others, but I cannot tell you the two in the middle!

Okay – so Kamryn used to get mad when I moved to Alberta because I left him and took a plane without him. He said “I’m not going to come to your house anymore because you are never there.” That absolutely broke my heart when I was away and the two of us haven’t had the same connection since. Anyhow, I was gone in 2001 and he was talking then. Makes him probably about 3. hmmm…..

So if he was about 3 in March 2001 – I would have probably left just after his birthday. That means that he was born in 1998. Hmmm…. that does fit in with the relationship I had during that time – and it means that both boys weren’t even conceived when I started dating my boyfriend, which makes sense to the timeline.

Wow – that means that Kamryn is 10!

Man, I’m getting old!

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