Go Canada!

I’m very proud to be a Canadian.

There I said it.
Then again, if you follow me on twitter you know that I’ve been wearing my Canadian toque for weeks in prep for the games. I’m so excited for us to be in the games but I’m almost more excited that we are hosting them!
It’s sad that we are hosting in Vancouver which is known for weather changing every five minutes and not much snow. But I’m still really proud to hear when records are broken on our soil. Just yesterday the Olympic record fell in the Men’s 3000m Speed Skating. Something to be so proud of even though it wasn’t a Canadian.
There are those that only cheer if their team is winning. But for me it’s more about the sport and being your best. My dad, brother and sister used to officiate different sports and we’d go to the games to cheer. We didn’t have a home team per se, so we would cheer on the moments of the games that stood out. We’d cheer on the strong moments and the great teamwork. Through my family I’ve been able to see that it’s so fantastic to witness great moments in sport.
Last night we earned our first medal in the games. A silver in moguls on the very first day! And by a woman from Alberta! So proud to be Canadian. So proud to be there with her when she walks on the podium even though I’m not in Whistler. But in my heart I’m there. I’m cheering on our athletes and all the best of the best in the world.
To the Olympians in the 2010 Vancouver Games – I salute you and your awesomness that got you to this level. I hope Canada is good to you!

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