Greatest family ever.

Many of you don’t know them, but I have a fabulous family.

My parents are the best parents in the world. They are supportive, funny, dedicated, loving, and strong. They have lived through hard times, enjoyed the good and have taught me to appreciate all that I have.

They had four children – and I like to think we are all fabulous in our own way. My siblings are always there for me when I need them, and sometimes when I don’t. They are always willing to help hold me up when I need it, laugh with and at me when I need it and are just generally fantastic people to be around.

They all married wonderful people too. I like to think that my brother-in-laws and my sister in law are the best that exist. They are always so caring, and always want to make sure that I’m okay. They are all really sweet and senstive – and a lot of fun.

My siblings have also brought into my life children – 7 to be exact. They are always loving, always caring, always willing to learn and willing to grow. They never mind being seen with me and just love being part of our family. (Most of the time – teenagers are not as easy going all the time.) They are always willing to give hugs and always ready for a good time.

My family cares and loves and they will always be there. I hope that they would say the same about me.

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