Happy Smiley Babies

I used some of my talents today to do a photoshoot for a friend. I promised that I would do her photos as a baby gift and we are just getting around to it – even though she’s sitting on her own and even standing while holding furniture.

She was awesome, very pleasant, didn’t cry – but it reminded me so much of how awesome this stage can be and how you have to work quickly. Babies in her stage are very busy, and very willing to put anything and everything into their mouth. If you can’t work quick and can’t pull new tricks out of your bag, you’ll lose the child forever. It’s a tough but fun stage and when you capture those awesome moments, it means so much more.

We had four basic outfits today, with one being the diaper shots. We had fun playing them up and tried to set a mood for all of them. It made me really miss the studio, where the camera is stationary, and all I have is a small little trigger to snap – and it snaps quickly and easily so you can really capture the moment. We had fun playing with flash or without flash and it was hard finding the best setting. I found I liked the look of the natural light, but tried to stay out of blocking it as much as possible. I realize that if I were to do this full time I’d need to have a better lighting set up and more backdrops. I really hope they like the end result and that the expressions and mood shows in each of the shots.

She was a pleasure and I had a lot of fun “shooting” her.

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