The past week has been a complete blur but I am happy to say we finally have internet – we finally have a phone and our house isn’t looking nearly as cluttered as it once was. Sure there are certain areas that are a little unorganized but they will be ready in time for the housewarming.

Ah the housewarming…

Everyone has been bugging us to pick a date and a time. I know that you can’t satisfy everyone when you throw a party as there will always be someone that can’t come. Then there is the issue of the type of housewarming we want to throw. Do we want more of an afternoon drop in where people come and go or do we want to have a rip roaring time? Which is the best option? Do we want to have an open house that could potentially turn into a big party at night?

In my head I’m thinking of my mother and others that would probably like a more family friendly atmosphere. That makes me lean to more of a daytime event. As these people tend to be the ones that helped us move the most, I feel like we should really make them feel comfortable here.

But then I remember all those that were rooting and cheering for us when we bought the house – those planning dance parties in the rec room and the crazy times. Those sound like fun too but will I be walking around cleaning up after everyone – as I have been with James every day. Yep – I’ve turned into a maid.

My previous roommates can attest that I am not the best person for picking up after myself. I’m more likely to leave something on the counter than actually wash it up. I like to leave my laundry until the very end too and have lots of hampers to prove it. But I know that with this house I want it to look it’s best at all times as you never know when someone’s going to show up. Honestly – I’m so excited about the prospect of visitors that I really don’t mind cleaning up. Also – I want our house to look it’s best to everyone.

This is why I’ve been frantically trying to get all of our things put away. I’m going include some pictures so you can see some of the finished product. Enjoy!

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