It’s the thought that counts

I realized something today about Christmas and why I’m going to really enjoy it this year.

In the past I’ve always looked at gifts in terms of money. I think I got it from my mother. Having 7 neices and nephews I’ve always tried to spend an equal amount on them. If I spent $40 on one, I’d spend $40 on the next. Even if what I got them was on sale, I still wanted to make sure that none of them felt they got the shaft.
This year we started shopping early and I didn’t really hang onto receipts. It made it really easy to forget all about the money on each person. With having to entertain for various functions I’ve had to hide things away for fear someone would stumble upon the gifts. When I brought out and sorted everything I actually found that I had a really good grouping going. I was actually all done shopping for four people on my list!
Astounded, I quickly realized who else I had to buy for. The nieces and nephews, one thing for my mother and father and then my husband. I felt like I was already half way there!
It felt so good to be able to reach a point where I was on solid ground. This year’s been tough, money’s been tight and I really didn’t want to have anyone feel they got the shaft. But looking across the bed at the piles of presents I knew that no one was going to be left out. Everyone would get some great gifts. Our months of careful shopping and planning will make for a great Christmas!
They say it’s the thought that counts and this year I completely understand it!
I used to spoil the kids – but with things being tight I wasn’t sure where to start. My nephew solved it for me. The older kids wanted gift certificates, but the younger three I wasn’t so sure until my sister started talking about how the kids had gotten gift certificates for their birthday. They had a blast walking around with their own money spending it on what they wanted. That was when her son spoke up and in his beautiful 8 year old mind said “I want a gift certificate because I want to pick out my own game.” And that was it – settled. All the kids get gift certificates – the girls the mall and the boys EB games. So easy!
In one night, in less than a half hour I had walked the mall and had got 7 more off my list!
This just proves that the shopping can get done! You can do it!!!! Stay strong, remember the season is the thought that counts and it’ll be an awesome holiday filled with love and smiles!

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