Knit Bomb

This week I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with a friend of mine I met on Twitter named Wendy. (You can find her on twitter as @wendyhoomo) What initially interested me was that she was local and then slowly over time we’ve built a bit of a friendship. I find her really interesting and always come away from things she has to say with some new perspective on things.
The reason we got together this week was knitting.

I know, I know, you are thinking that knitting is only for old ladies – but I don’t agree. Knitting is an art!
But what I’m coming to find is that knitting is becoming a very unique mainstream passion. People that knit are very passionate. And they aren’t just knitting the basic scarves, mitts and touques. They are starting to cover any available surface with brightly coloured yarn. They are creating gorgeous masterpieces for the world to enjoy. Trees are covered, statues, light standards, street signs, bridges, boat docks, buses and even tanks.

After talking with Wendy I found out about a knitting project right here in Cambridge. In June they plan on knitting the Main Street bridge. I was shocked and really excited when Wendy said “If you keep it up, maybe you can be part of that project too.” I never thought I’d ever be involved in anything like that as the Guerrilla knitting they normally talk about is usually in warmer climates where they are less likely to have the yarn deteriorate due to weather. If you want to read more about the project – go here.
Back to the point, I picked up on knitting and it felt really good. Sure my hands are a little stiff and tight but I’ve been told that I will get a better tension as I start to relax. Wendy has told me that I have a good eye as I’ve started to notice when I’ve made a mistake or missed a stitch. What started out as casting on and a couple rows is now pretty much a square on the way to becoming a scarf.
Me. A knitter. Who knew?

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