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I spoke too soon.

It’s going to be a kick ass event no matter what! My BOC is a great bunch and I know that I was stressing over nothing.

I’ve been working for weeks at trying to go through the thousands of photos we took at Phil and Vanessa’s wedding. It’s taking longer than anticipated due to the slowness of our network and the fact that for some reason it takes an hour to burn anything onto a cd/dvd on either of our computers. The process is interesting. Taking the photos was nothing compared to the amount of work I’m putting in to analyze the photos and pick out the best ones.

I think part of the problem is that I’m too picky. I want them to be happy with their photos. I want them to go through and see photos that they want printed – not duplicates of all the same shot where someone is looking to the side, or someone else just isn’t smiling right. I want them to be happy with the finished product.

I understand now how it takes photographers a long time to go through it all and narrow down sample albums – and they do it full time. Me I’m only doing this part time when I’m not busy with everything else that appears to be going on in my life – and believe me there are lots of things going on! From tea parties, to surprise 40th birthday parties, to helping my sister in law paint, to helping my mother who just finally got her cast off. Life has been crazy as of late.

I’m not sure if I mentioned how my mother broke her arm, but let’s just say it involved a very poorly marked wheelchair ramp outside dollarama, her falling and dollarama not wanting to call the ambulance because a: they only rent the building and aren’t responsible for the parking lot and b: they don’t like calling the ambulance because they ask too many questions. She’s doing okay, but I still think she should’ve sued! I mean, she couldn’t even put her own bra on let alone all the other things you normally do in a day. We’ve all been pitching in to make sure that the house continues to run smoothly.

Beans is doing good. Not that you asked but I thought I’d share. I think she’s finally happy with her cage and so am I. Her wheel kind of hangs off the edge but is propped so that it doesn’t roll down. Now it runs silently and it’s glorious to not be woken up in the middle of the night to her squeeky wheel.

I’ve also been trying to squeeze in a bit of Mii time. I need to lose weight – and I want to lose weight. James and I got a wii fit and it’s been awesome to work out and start to see results. I have a bit more energy during the day and it’s inspired me to try and watch what I eat. I’ve lost about 6 pounds in the past two weeks – not that anyone would notice. I am really fat after all!

I also got my hair cut and coloured. It’s crazy now and the cut brings out my curls. Not to mention the humidity. I must say that it’s nice to wash scrunch and go. Makes life sooo easy!

anyhow, I need to get back to the pictures even if the network is slow. I want them all done and ready for this weekend when we go to Paris to paint. I really hope they like them!

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