Life without Cable – Month 8

I’m sure you might remember how utterly worried I was to say goodbye to cable television. When me and James were looking at buying our first house we were really tightening our budget. We were renting an apartment with my parents and they paid for full satellite. We were completely spoiled with over 500 channels to chose from. We both loved the specialty channels and barely watched any of the traditional ones. If we were going to get cable we wouldn’t be happy with the basics. We’d have to get the extra packages and this could add up to over $100.

We took a risk – a huge one.

We waved good bye to cable and said “Let’s just watch movies, read books and see whatever we want online.”

James had grand dreams of building an television PC where he could connect it to our tv and we could not only use the internet, play games and watch shows online. Scary enough – he made that dream come true. It’s really fun getting on and being able to go to ninjavideo and turn on anything you can almost think of. Plus it’s allowed me to have my ultimate dream of playing silly facebook games on a big screen.

Our biggest problem was our original internet provider was through the phone line. We are really far from the junction so we couldn’t get the full amount of connectivity that we had. As we actually have internet telephone as well with VOIP it made it really hard to talk to people when it would cut out all the time. James being a designer he really needs the internet to be consistent. A month or two of complaining and he decided to change back to Rogers. (We used them when we were renting and had no connectivity issues.)

Through having cable internet things have been alot more consistent. And there was an added bonus – cable internet meant that some channels came in. We did get Global and CTV before that (thank you basics!) But with the new cable internet we got even more channels. Made me super happy!!! Now we get: TVO, Global, both Omni channels, CBC, WKNY Buffalo, CTV, SunTV, Aboriginal Peoples Television and a smattering of French and political channels. With these channels we’ve been able to catch all the best shows and still have time to go and do things.

We’re saving $60 – $80 a month just by not having cable. And it’s fabulous being able to watch what we want when we want, and still catch some of the hot shows so that I have something to talk about around the water cooler.

For those thinking of getting rid of the cable box and moving on in your life – I’d HIGHLY recommend it.

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  1. My wife and I did the whole no cable thing for a couple years. You really get use to it, then when you do get it back, you’re like a junkie and wonder how you ever survived without it. Good luck to you.

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