Make me a Celebrity

Okay I’ve let you all into a little bit of my world time by time, but what many of you know, or don’t know is that I have dreams of becoming a celebrity.

Maybe not in the real world – but online for sure. It’s not that I expect this blog to do it either. I want to become a celebrity in this little facebook application, aptly called – Make Me a Celebrity, or if you would prefer – MMAC.

A few friends and I started playing a few months back and I must say that I’ve instantly fallen in love with the game and how simple and addictive it can be. They draw you in on a promise of being able to “buy” things and do “gigs” to make more money and become more of a celebrity. They throw in a few little mini games that also help you make money. They even allow you to build an entourage of other players that are involved in the game – and the bigger the entourage and the hotter they are – the better for you to make “money” and get a better celebrity status. The game allows you to trash talk other celebrities, thus taking their money and gaining a better (or worse) celebrity reputation. You can add 5 celebrities to your entourage too – but you want the hottest and the best as every time they are in the headlines, you get points and money.You can chat with other celebrities when you “go out” to a series of exclusive clubs that only allow membership to a few select people.

The game itself is awesome – you start to feel powerful and strong. As you make your way up the celebrity world first doing odd jobs and working your way up to what I am currently – A Runway Model you start to feel better about yourself. It’s also a great way to “spend money” without actually having to go and spend it.

Some of my favourite purchases include:
– 11 houses/condos from around the world – including Paris, New York, London, Hollywood and Aspen
– 8 purebred dogs and 4 cats
– Every type and size of Porsche or BMW you can buy as well as a few other fun ones such as an Aston Martin and a Mini Cooper
– 20 fabulous vacations to such awesome places as Dubai, a private island in the Bahamas, a castle in England, Rome, Fiji, Russia and of course, an African Safari
– And who can forget – my fabulous collection of Diamonds – I currently own 49 different pieces, ranging in price from a $200 watch to the $1 Million dollar Hope Diamond

These are just the items I own now. With a penchant for wanting more property, I am currently saving for a glorious 18 bedroom castle in Germany. It will only cost a $7,302,460. Not that much right? While others are saving to own hockey teams, I want to own land. And lots of it. I could buy more right now if I wanted. But the thought of getting the bigger bucks, and the “hotter” celebrity status keep me going.

It’s addictive, but boy is it fun!

Even the mini games are great. My personal favourites have always been and probably always will be: Crazy Taxi, Staries, Word Scramble and now Sudoku. Crazy Taxi brings you on a journey down a highway where going fast is the object. You are racing to make it to the next flag and must overcome many obstacles along the way. How you do this is by jumping over cars. Sounds easy right? Not quite so once you reach level 10. I’m not the best of my friends but I do try.

Staries is completely the game I could play forever. You slide the stars to make connections of three or more in a line and as you play the combinations get harder, stars get locked in place and you must figure out ways to unlock them while getting enough lines. The time goes faster as you go and more stars are locked the slower you are. It’s a real brain workout.

Word Scramble is great for my Scrabble minded brain. Take letters and arrange them into as many words as you can. There is a timer, but it’s kind of pointless really and you can easily and quickly rack up points by playing this game. It’s very similar to Word Whomp or other games of that sort. Good quick word fun.

And lastly Sudoku. I’m a Sudoku freak since before I even knew the name. My grandmother used to get the Fill-it-in Books and taught me how it works. I’ve loved filling out the puzzles using words so it was only natural that when they started adding numbers that I got hooked on that too. The time is a huge factor, but the game will give you hints. Just don’t take too many or you end up with no celebrity points in the end.

Sure there are other games, as I’ve only mentioned four. But you can imagine how quickly this game can become your favourite one on the web. Let me know if you want to play, because I would LOVE to add you to my entourage to make me – and you – hotter!

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